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Karen, (aka Kazza) is a full time artist, obsessed parrot breeder and resides in the beautiful area surrounding Coffs Harbour.

2022 sees in Karen’s Year of the Blue Fairy Wren. This year Karen’s art will centre around the Superb Blue Fairy Wren. The 2022 series will consist of original drawings, etchings and lino cuts in small editions of 10. Stonehenge 250gms quality archival papers will be used.

CONTACT: emeraldaviaries@bigpond.com or text Karen on 0418 402 301.

2022 - the blue fairy wren series -

Blue Fairy Wrens grasses and weeds
These unique paintings are created using lino images and transparent acrylic paint on 250gms Stonehenge paper. Each painting unframed 36 x 26 cm. Price $150 each Free postage
Three unique paintiings on paper using lino cuts and transparent paint
Mock up of framed paintings on wall. Each painting is on 250gms Stonehenge paper dimensions 36 x 26 cm
Blue Fairy Wrens painting mock up of interior
Mock up of framed paintings on wall. Each painting is on 250gms Stonehenge paper 36 x 26 cm
Life Cycle of Blue Fairy Wren
This is an unique original etching featuring the life cycle of the Superb Blue Fairy Wren. 250gms Stonehenge paper. Unframed 36 x 26 cm. Price $150 Free postage
Etching Blue Fairy Wren Mockup
Mock up of framed etching on wall. Dimension Unframed is 36 x 26 cm on Stonghenge paper 250gms


Australian Magpie
Magpie standing on Country 3 LEFT IN EDITION
Magpie Drinking
Always leave water out for our birds and animals EDITION SOLD OUT
Magpie Tribe
The Tribe - Australian Magpies 3 LEFT IN EDITION
Magpie thirsty
Magpie drinking water EDITION SOLD OUT
Magpie splashing
Magpies love splashing in water on hot days EDITION SOLD OUT
Magpies Etching
Magpies Looking 3 LEFT in edition
Emerald Beach animals and scene
Social Distancing at Emerald Beach 8 LEFT IN EDITION
Magpies Singing in Gum Tree
Magpies are beautiful song birds. Magpies Caroling 6 LEFT IN EDITION