Emerald Aviaries Hand raised Pet Parrots

Emerald Aviaries are hobbyist’s that specialise in breeding hand-raised pet parrots that will fit in with your daily life.

Real companion parrots that become an integral part of your family.

Eclectus Hen Party

Located near Coffs Harbour on the Mid-North Coast of NSW (Australia), our pet birds are individually hand-raised, have loads and loads of unique personality are are guaranteed to be “YOUR LITTLE MATE”. 

Here you will find some of the information you’ll need to know about caring for your hand-raised baby parrot. 

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Why Parrots make great companions

A Companion Pet is by definition, a pet that you enjoy spending a lot of time with.

A companion pet is a pet who is good company, makes you feel comfortable, relaxed and together you can provide each other with a full and satisfying life.

We believe that a Companion Parrot and its Human Companion should provide each other with a mutually satisfying life.


The rewards of keeping a companion parrot are not designed to be a one way street. Just as your companion parrot provides you with joy and happiness, so should you  provide your companion parrot with the same full  and happy life. Companion parrots come in many forms, from the tiny budgie to the large and brightly coloured macaw. Whether big or small, red or grey your companion parrot can provide you with a lifetime of satisfaction. Remember also that some parrots have very long lives and may well outlive you.
Eclectus Parrot and Ball