Here at Emerald Aviaries we simply love taking wonderful photographs of our lovely, gentle and playful birds. This gallery is simply for everyone’s enjoyment. We will keep adding to this gallery as time goes on.

Feel free to use any of these images for yourself as long as it is for your own enjoyment and inspiration and not for commercial enterprise.

Eclectus Hen Party
Baby Rainbow Rose
Baby Rainbow Sugar
Eclectus Baby Hen
Eclectus hen6
Eclectus hen5
Eclectus hen4
Galah Sitting
Galah Playful
Rainbow Lorikeet Wet
Rainbow Lorikeet Baby
Lorikeet Wet Mix
Mimi 3
Eclectus Baby Male-1
Kookaburra Drawing 3
Kookaburra Sits in the Old Gum Tree
GangGang Drawing
Rainbow Drawing 2
Red eclectus hen
eclectus male and toilet paper
eclectus three
seagull drawing
Baby Male Eclectus
Baby male and female eclectus aprrot
Eclectus Hens Babies eating mash
Baby Eclectus Hen
Emerald Beach Animals during COVID
Magpie and seat
hand Drawn Galah
Hand Drawn Original Peacock
Black Cockatoo Feathers
Black cockatoo